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"...THANK YOU for going the extra mile..."

Posted by Wayne on 2/23/2017 to Customer Comments
Got my order today!!  THANK YOU for going the extra mile to make sure that I did.  You have made me and 4 other Omegas of 40+ years very happy.  

I will make sure to visit the website to comment about the effort and drive to meet the customer's needs, even when we are stubborn and pushy.  ??


Finalist Spotlight Story - Phi Beta Sigma "Gomer Pyle" Jacket

Posted by Eddie Johhnson on 2/22/2017 to Current Spotlight Stories

Most of our customers have a general idea what they are looking for when it
 comes to their Greek jackets.  Many people are visual and need to be able to see how certain things will look next to other elements.  That is why we've implemented the proof process. Click here to see how it works.  That is also what our team of experienced designers are here for.  Our friend, Eddie is a member of Phi Beta Sigma who, was very detailed about each detail on his custom Greek crossing jacket.

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Finalist Spotlight Story - "Blowing Ivies" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 2/22/2017 to Current Spotlight Stories

Oluwaseun and her fellow initiates put a lot of consideration into their jacket design. When it came time to present her sisters with their completed jackets, OIuwaseun decided to turn the experience into special surprise.

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Spotlight Story - "Pharaoh & Falcons" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 11/30/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

Alonso's jacket process is almost as interesting as his custom artwork. He mainly focused on his back design and plans to complete the rest of his jacket later. As a result, Alonso has artwork that is visually compelling and completely unique.

Spotlight Story - "Aztec Text" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 11/29/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

Inspired by her line name, which is Aztec in origin, Ladees came up with a creative and unique way to turn text into art. She proved that a simple line number on the back of a jacket could be so much more!

Spotlight Story - "Hotaru" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 11/29/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

Robert has been a great friend and brother to KaTrina. When it came time for Robert's birthday, his sister wanted to show her appreciation with an unforgettable gift. KaTrina knew how her brother cherished his organization and his line. With that in mind, she decided that a new line jacket with custom artwork was the way to go.


Spotlight Story - "Backlash" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 11/7/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

Theodore's chapter has a long history of really amazing line jackets, so he decided to keep the tradition going and upgrade a basic jacket he already owned. Theodore put a lot of thought into the artwork he chose. He felt his experience paralleled that of the Greek god, Atlas. Theodore held up his line "solo" just as Atlas held up the heavens by himself. Naturally, this god in action became the inspiration for Theodore's artwork.


A real life horror story.

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 10/31/2016 to News
A real life horror story.
In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to share a scary story that happened in real life. 

A group of sorority sisters needed some line jackets, but for some reason they went with a local unlicensed company instead of coming to S4G first.

Look at the photos below that one of them sent us and you'll be shocked! Cheap stick-on letters (AKA's colors are pink and green, not orange)...and just sloppy work in general. Can you believe this!?

Sadly, this is not a hoax. This really happened.
Please understand that we are not trying to ridicule these young ladies. On the contrary, we feel sorry that this happened to them, so we are using this story to warn others.
If they would have come to S4G first, they would have been given a precise proof to show exactly how each jacket will look before we begin production, and they would have a lifetime guarantee on their embroidery.
Plus, our work is super clean and precise when compared to all other companies. Take a look. 

And last, but certainly not least, we are licensed vendors, which means everything we do is approved by and meets the standards of the sorority's national headquarters. We are Greek-owned, and we know the do's and don'ts of Greek paraphernalia.

To their credit, these young ladies wanted to bring their order to us after the fact, but it was too late because the other company already started on their jackets and wouldn't give their money back. What a nightmare! 

We hope it all works out for them. If not, we are here to help.
The lesson: Don't let this happen to you. Choose wisely the first time. Whether you need 1 or 1000 jackets, let the experts at S4G to handle your order with love and perfection.

Spotlight Story - "Anubis" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 10/20/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

As difficult as it can be to create the perfect jacket for yourself, it's even more ambitious to do so for another. Be that as it may, this is the challenge Teja was more than happy to take on for her beloved brother. She wanted a one-of-a-kind piece of art that would bring him all the recognition and admiration he deserved. That was the mission.


Spotlight Story - "Storm" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 10/10/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
It's hard enough for a person to create a jacket for their self, let alone someone about pressure! Never the less, Khalil's friend took on this challenge for Khalil. Later, when Khalil's now sorority sister crossed, Khalil took that as the perfect opportunity to thank her friend and "one up" her with a stuff4GREEKS jacket of her own.


Spotlight Story - "Kold Blooded" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 10/10/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

He actually got his initial line jacket years ago. Shaun will always love and cherish his first jacket, but he honestly felt it was too plain for his taste. When it came to his next crossing jacket, Shaun decided he wanted more.


Spotlight Story - "Lady Gray" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 10/7/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories

Jasmin has loved the gear she saw by S4G for years. She would come across our apparel while gift shopping for friends and family. When it came time for her to customize her own jacket, Jasmin naturally chose stuff4GREEKS.

Jasmine sees herself as "an enigmatic individual filled with intellect and personality." She wanted her artwork to depict her traits through her alter ego, Lady Gray.

Jasmin says: "Whenever people see my jacket they compliment me on the jacket and then ask for the story behind it! Those who know the meaning of the symbols on my jacket absolutely love it! And many even want a jacket for themselves!"


Your items were amazing!

Posted by M. Cherone on 8/23/2016 to Customer Comments
Your items were amazing! The cardigan sweater was of good quality. It looked sexy and classy.
Very impressed! My founder will be pleased. 

Thank you.
M. Cherone

Spotlight Story - Thanos Varsity Letterman Jacket

Posted by Pearl Shi on 1/10/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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Many of our customers know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to their Greek jackets.  There may be gray areas when it comes to certain things but that is what our team of experienced designers are here for.  Our friend, Pearl is a member of Kappa Phi Lambda who, was positive about exactly how she wanted her custom Greek varsity jacket to be.  We think we nailed it, hitting every little detail she asked for on this warm Greek coat.

Spotlight Story - Gamma Zeta Rho Weapons of Mass Destruction Jacket

Posted by Teves Lee on 1/10/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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It is easy to see when someone is passionate about a particular subject vs just lackadaisically just going with the flow.  It is clear to see that everyone at Stuff4Greeks and our custom apparel store, Zeus' Closet is passionate about creating never-before-seen pieces of custom Greek gear.  On the same note, we could tell our friend Teves is passionate about 2 things:  Cutting hair, and representing Gamma Zeta Rho.  

Spotlight Story - Phi Beta Sigma "OptimACE Prime"

Posted by T. West on 1/5/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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Over the years the Jacket of the Year contest has featured the hottest of the hot custom Greek jackets that we've created based on the creativity of the artwork embroidered on.  This year is no different, well its a little different.  This contestant ordered a custom Greek sweatshirt as a gift for a member of Phi Beta Sigma that was so impressive that we just had to include it in the competition. . .

Spotlight Story - OES Queen Adah Line Jacket

Posted by Desiree Foster on 1/5/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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Our friend Desiree is proud of her chapter as she should be, and wanted an OES jacket that shows how much pride she takes in it.  When asked she told us that she, “always wanted to represent my Chapter of the Order in Long Beach, CA.  The idea came from my vision that it represents me.  A young lady finally saw the light in the East.  And as she shines, she will always have those 5 stars to look up to for direction.  This is definitely a masterpiece that we’re proud to say we created.  Desiree will be shining like the star that she is every time she wears her jacket.

Spotlight Story "The ProDEUCEr"

Posted by Chandler Custer on 1/5/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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This may by far be the easiest spotlight story that we have ever written.  Often we find ourselves trying to pry information from the owners of our featured jackets.  That is certainly not the case with our friend Chandler.  He could not say enough about his amazing work of art that we helped him create. 

Spotlight Story - Sigma Lambda Gamma "Kasai"

Posted by Aisha Jimenez on 1/5/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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It is always interesting to learn about our customers’ journeys into Greekdom.  It is very interesting how similar yet different the processes are across organizations.  Across the board one of the biggest moments in the journey is being awarded a line name.  We’ve made custom Greek jackets for thousands of people who absolutely love their line names.  We’ve also came across a few people who didn’t particularly care for the line names they’ve been given.  They normally opt to get an alias on their custom Greek gear instead.  Our friend, Aisha is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma who definitely falls under the first group, as her line name fits her perfectly.

Spotlight Story - Diva "Smooth Operator" Jacket

Posted by Sade Barnswell on 1/5/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories
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It makes us feel amazing inside when we come across someone who is as passionate about their Greek gear as we are about making it.  Needless to say we were both ecstatic about working together to make Sade’s vision for the ultimate Greek jacket come to life.