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Custom Greek Pullover Anorak Jacket with Lifetime Embroidery Guarantee
Base price includes front letters and crest.

Custom Greek Pullover Anorak Jacket with Lifetime Embroidery Guarantee

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How would you like to enhance your front letters?
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Embroider the words through them (+$75.00)
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Diagonally Split Letters (+$25.00)
Super 3-D Letters (+$35.00)
Triple-Layered Letters (+$35.00)
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Position of Front Letters
Across pouch (default)
Upper left chest
Upper right chest
No large letters on front (-$25.00)
Position of Crest
Upper left chest (default).
Upper left chest
Different icon in place of crest
Set of letters/numbers in place of crest
I don't want any crest/icon on front. (-$55.00)
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Hooded pullover jackets, also referred to as anoraks, are perfect for rainy and windy days. Also a great alternative to the traditional button-down jackets.

  • Nylon taffeta shell
  • Half front zipper and drawstring hood
  • 100% soft cotton flannel lining throughout the body, hood and sleeves (except pink jackets - pink is unlined)
  • Zipper pouch with flap
  • Shirred elastic cuffs
  • Open bottom hem with drawstring closure
  • Extended zipper at the neck for added wind protection
  • Water repellent

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