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Spotlight Story - "Backlash" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 11/7/2016 to Current Spotlight Stories


The Dream

Theodore's chapter has a long history of really amazing line jackets. He didn't want to be the person to break that tradition, so Theodore decided to upgrade a basic jacket he already had with custom artwork. He worked hard to brainstorm ideas. Coming up with and finalizing ideas for his jacket was not a task Theodore took lightly.

He says: "I thought about what image represented me best and what message I wanted to send to the world whenever I wore my jacket."

In the end, one of Theodore's brothers, who also got his own jacket from S4G, helped Theodore pick out an image based on his line name.

The Design

The Greek god, Atlas, was charged with the enormous burden of holding up the heavens all by himself. Similarly, Theodore had the immense responsibility of holding up his line. And just like Atlas, Theodore did it "solo." Accordingly, a sketch of this Greek god at work served as the basis for Theodore's custom artwork. Once he got his design together, all Theodore needed to do was make sure it got done right.

Theodore says: "...pretty much most of the members of my chapter have gotten their jackets made by S4G because they do some of the most quality work for the best price. No matter where else we looked, I didn't trust anyone else to put my jacket together because I had already seen first hand what they can do."

The Delivery

The end result was an embroidered masterpiece for Theodore.

He says: "Everyone always wants to know where I got my jacket...My jacket turns heads, sometimes breaks necks, and I have S4G to thank for that for doing such a great job."

Watch this video to see the process in action:

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