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Spotlight Story - "On Top of the World" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 1/18/2019 to Current Spotlight Stories

The Dream

Josefa was looking to capture a vision: A woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha sitting on top of the world. She emailed us with several photos detailing the exact art she wanted on the back of her jacket, which would be a gift for her daughter, Xi'an. We have a long history of digitizing people and faces, so her request was right along the lines of what we love to do at stuff4GREEKS.

The Design

Josefa specifically asked that we make the woman in the photo look just like her daughter so that the artwork would be as powerful as possible. With a name like “Korporate AmeriKA”, we wanted to make sure we did not disappoint. After adding a pearl bracelet and earrings to the woman in the image, she gave us a thumb’s up to get started. After seeing all of the other jackets we produced featuring images of our customers, Josefa was confident in her decision with choosing stuff4GREEKS. 

The Delivery

We recently spoke with Jsefa and she raved about how well the jacket turned out. "The resemblance between the jacket and my daughter is uncanny!" She exclaimed. "Everyone talks about how spooky it is." She recently ordered another one in white.

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