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Spotlight Story - "Rambo" Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 3/30/2018 to Current Spotlight Stories

The Dream

Brian wanted a jacket that represented both him and his line name. With a name like Q-Militant, there were a lot of potential options for his back artwork. Brian thoughtfully considered his options and he narrowed them down to the one that was most perfect for him.

The Design

Brian explored a few different designs, including Shaft and an image of his own Bitmoji. Brain eventually realized that Rambo was the best representation of his line name, Q-Militant. This design was one of the more detailed and complicated pieces ever requested. Creating Brian's one-of-a-kind masterpiece wasn't easy, but it was worth every stitch.

The Delivery

Before Brian even picked up his jacket, we knew that his design would garner tons of attention. Now Brian has his own envy-worthy jacket.

Watch this video to see the process in action:

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