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When Should You Stop Wearing Greek Paraphernalia?

Posted by Corey Jones on Youtube on 11/24/2019 to News
Our friend Corey recently posted this video about when you should stop wearing Greek Paraphernalia. Watch for the answer...

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We're so glad Corey made this video because this is exactly why we started offering Framed Jacket Backs and The Platinum Line Jacket package years ago. At some point, once you're out in the working world, it can seem unprofessional to wear some of the highly-colorful and over-the-top Greek paraphernalia that we used to wear in college. It depends on your career. In some careers, and at certain times, it's acceptable... but for the most part, we tend to get more subtle with our Greek paraphernalia as we get older. We switch from line jackets and jerseys to bracelets and wristbands.

But it's nice to come home to that Framed Jacket Back hanging on your wall, to always remind you of your college days and the values you learned from your pledging experience. Plus it makes a great conversation piece when your visitors come over and see your Greek pride on display in a classy way.  

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