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"...only you guys can customize a crossing jacket to perfection..."
Jarrell Dotson, Kappa Alpha Psi
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"...everything is so intricate, it's honestly beyond words. I would definitely recommend S4G to all my Sorors..."
Jasmine Watkins, Delta Sigma Theta
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Spotlight Story - SLB Santo

We feel as though our friend, and member of Sigma Lambda Beta will be a big time contender for the Jacket of the Year contest this year.

More Than Meets The Eye

Transformers Optimus Prime Jackets
On the dawn of the latest Transformers movie release, we thought it befitting to show off some of the custom pieces we've embroidered for people over the years that involve the shape-shifting alien robots. Take a look...

10 Years of Atlanta Greek Picnic

AGP COVERThe Atlanta Greek Picnic weekend is the #1 yearly Greek event amongst 9 other events across the country designed to provide members of the prestigious Divine Nine Greek letter organization a unique experience. Our retail Greek clothing store, Zeus' Closet has been a contributing partner for the last 5 years and we don't see this partnership slowing down anytime soon.

Spotlight Story - HA2 Mystique

Dance organizations have been popping up left and right lately. Their Greek jackets have been just as creative as their dance moves. Especially this one.

Spotlight Story - TKE Founders

We don't do many TKE baseball jackets but when we do, we prefer to go all out. Check out our friend Perry's new jacket and you'll understand exactly what we mean.

5-Year Anniversary of Our Atlanta Greek Store

Posted by Zeus' Closet on 4/18/2014 to News
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April 18, 2014 – For several years, stuff4GREEKS was an online-only company with no physical location. The web store quickly became popular for creating highly-elaborate custom fraternity and sorority apparel. In the early years of the company, the owners and about 6 employees worked out of a basement. Then in 2009, the company purchased and built out a 4000 sq ft commercial building in midtown Atlanta. The Marietta Blvd space includes a walk-in retail store, modern loft-style offices, and a state-of-the-art production facility.

As their customer base continued to expand beyond just the fraternity and sorority market, the owners decided to name the brick-and-mortar store Zeus’ Closet, instead of naming it after the website stuff4GREEKS. When asked the reason behind the store name, co-founder Ethan King says... read the full press release here

A Fashionable Life in Your Sorority

While living with other women is pleasurable, it also has it detriments. Read more about sorority clothing in this interview with members of a local sorority...

A new look for Custom Baseball Jerseys

Greek Baseball Jerseys

It's almost baseball season... well in the mind of a true baseball fan, it's ALWAYS baseball season... but either way, we have a brand new look for our Custom Greek Mesh Baseball Jerseys...

How to Easily Coordinate A Big Order of Custom Line Jackets for a Large Group of People

Coordinating a group order? We just made your life easier.

It all starts with ONE. You no longer have to pay a big lump sum to get your group order started. You don't even need to pay half up front. Just order the first item in the group and we'll get the ball rolling. Click the "Read more" link for more details...

People's Choice Entry - Delta Goddess Jacket

Delta Sigma Theta Goddess Jacket Design
"We’re a graduate line with a wide age range so we wanted a design everyone can wear. The vision was to create a jacket design that represented the name of our line "The Phenomenal 34". A "Delta Goddess" standing in a bed of violets, with the pearls at the base captured that. She’s beautiful, confident, sexy, youthful, yet mature and representative of Delta...."

People's Choice Entry - Sigma "Silent Threat" Jacket

Phi Beta Sigma Ninja Jacket

"Once I crossed I just started thinking of ideas that would represent my line name. So I came to the website and found this picture in the library and it just fit perfectly..."

People's Choice Entry - Omega Psi Phi QUEpocalypse Jacket

Omega Phi Phi Que Dog Line Jacket QuePocalypse

"I made this just for HIM. He loves everything about the crown royal design, hence the crowned dog, and he has dreadlocks. He loved every stitch on the jacket..."

People's Choice Entry - Iota Phi Theta Yoshi Jacket

Iota Phi Theta Yoshi Jacket
"...after digging thru s4g website I knew my design would turn heads n be the only jacket out there with impeccable design & stitching..."

People's Choice Entry - Alpha Kappa Alpha "Michonne" Jacket from AMC's The Walking Dead

Alpha Kappa Alpha Jacket with Michonne from The Walking Dead on the back

"...I love The Walking Dead and the character Michonne. So, I chose her as my theme. I chose S4G because I've seen the quality of their work..."

People's Choice Entry - Alpha Tau Mu Wonder Woman Jacket

Alpha Tau Mu Wonder Woman Jacket Design
" crossing name is Wonder Woman, I believe deuces are AMAZING, and I love my frat. I wanted a jacket that was more unique, like me. My line already have jackets from S4G, but you couldn't really wear it when it got cold so came the idea for my jacket..."

People's Choice Entry - Iota Phi Theta Transformers Jacket

Iota Phi Theta Transformers Autobot Logo Jacket
"...I was told that S4G could do anything so I went with them I didn't think they could do it but they did..."

People's Choice Entry - Sigma Gamma Rho Life Member Hoodie

Sigma Gamma Rho Life Member Hoodie
"As a new Life Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., I wanted a hoodie that reflected my personality and enthusiasm for my sorority. As a repeat customer of S4G, I knew you'd get it right, regardless of how simple or elaborate the design..."

People's Choice Entry - Alpha Kappa Alpha M&M Jacket

AKA Sorority Line Jacket with M and M Lady
"...I ALWAYS get compliments everywhere I go... The common question: "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET?!" & my response is ALWAYS no one other than Stuff4Greeks! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my Greek apparel! S4G has amazing customer service and dope designs... I couldn't imagine having another company make my jacket! Worth every penny..."

People's Choice Entry - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Headliner Jacket

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Vocalist Custom Line Jacket
"I wanted my jacket to reflect and represent me in every way possible. I already had a pretty poppin line name so I figured my jacket had to go with it..."

People's Choice Entry - Alpha Phi Alpha Hieroglyphics Jacket

Posted by Jon-Ashton Acker-Moorehead on 3/7/2014 to People's Choice Entries
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Alpha Phi Alpha Hieroglyphics Jacket

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