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Spotlight Story: Afro Samurai Jacket

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 2/12/2023 to Current Spotlight Stories

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The Dream: Zachary had a dream of owning a custom embroidered fraternity jacket inspired by one of his favorite shows, Afro Samurai. He wanted something unique that would stand out and show off his style. He came to us with his idea and we were excited to help him bring it to life. 

The Design: We worked with Zachary to convert his design into the format he wanted for his jacket. We worked together to choose the colors, fonts, and patterns that would make the jacket look just as he envisioned. After a few days of hard work, we had the design ready to go. 

The Delivery: Finally, we delivered the finished product to Zachary and he was thrilled with the results. He gets tons of compliments on the jacket and is proud to wear it everywhere he goes. We are so pleased to see Zachary's dream become a reality.

Our Jackets On Stage At The Grammys!

Posted by Ethan King on 2/8/2023 to Current Spotlight Stories

Did you know we do way more than just Greek stuff?

One of our long-time clients--hip hop legends Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 5--get custom jackets made with us. This year, the recoding industry recognized the 50th anniversary of hip hop, and our jackets were on stage at The Grammys!
Check it out here:

And here's a clip of Jay-Z greeting Furious 5, where you can see a great shot of the light blue jacket and the white jacket we made for them.

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Our work has landed on the backs of several well-known celebs over the years—Rick Ross, Akon, and several NFL players to name a few.
Not to mention the work we've done for Netflix, Marvel Studios, Tyler Perry, and other film productions.
Whether you're starting a clothing brand, or you work for an established business, or you just want a dope Greek jacket, we can elevate your apparel to the next level.

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