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New feature! Make a gift registry.

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/29/2012 to News

Even better than our Wish List feature... we now offer the option for you to create a Gift Registry. You can save custom and non-custom items to a list, then email your friends and family a link so they can buy items for you off of your list! Learn more...

Take a closer look at our quality.

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/9/2012 to News

A customer ordered this line jacket from another Greek vendor and asked us to make some changes to it. We were so disgusted with the quality that we decided to recreate his crossing jacket from scratch. Then it dawned on us that the average person might not even notice some of the details that we notice because we've been doing this for so long.

To the untrained eye, these two crossing jackets might look the same, but click here to take a closer look and compare the details.

Not all Greek line jackets are created equal. Compare the quality of these crossing jackets.
Click here to take a closer look and compare the details >>

The Adjustment Bureau - Phi Beta Sigma Line Jackets

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/3/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives

Darrell and Jamal came to our Atlanta Greek clothing store with custom artwork as a concept for their Phi Beta Sigma fraternity jackets. They were also inspired by the movie The Adjustment Bureau. We digitized the image and personalized the jacket designs according to their specifications. Then we embroidered each jacket in exquisite detail. Read the full story here...

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