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Posted by Anthony L. Graham on 9/20/2012 to Customer Comments
Dear S4G: I just recieved my order and it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Thank you very much!! You guys are the best!!

Make a Statement with Greek Clothes and Accessories

Posted by Richard on 9/17/2012 to Tips

Make a Statement with Greek Clothes and Accessories

Greek Life is all about building community affiliations and support. A great way to establish your Greek identity is with fashion. A unique style signifies your desire to build lifelong bonds and offers the opportunity to pass on a common heritage of style and substance. In today’s world, community is more important than ever and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself often begins in college with your chosen sorority and fraternity association.

Greek Clothing

Posted by Richard H. on 9/6/2012 to News

Greek Clothing

A Greek organization’s clothing is what helps set it apart from other fraternities and sororities. A fraternity or sorority’s Greek letters are what become recognizable around campus. Therefore, ensuring it has its letters competently transferred in its Greek clothing is of the utmost importance to any Greek organization. 

stuff4GREEKS prides itself on its team of top-notch artists and designers. Their experienced team truly understands how important a Greek organization’s apparel is because they are either members of Greek letter organizations themselves or have strong ties to them through family or friends. Moreover, they have been making clothing for Greek organizations for over 10 years.

Besides Greek clothing, S4G offers a variety of products for Greek organizations to choose from. No matter if the organization needs jackets, jerseys, shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts, they have it. Plus, a variety of styles are offered, including satin jackets, crossing jackets, Letterman jackets, blazers, polos, button-downs, and much more. Additionally, they even offer accessories like aprons, bags, bracelets, cufflinks, dog tags, graduation stoles, gloves, hats, keychains, luggage tags, lanyards, money clips, purse hangers, scarves, Greek tikis, and wristbands. has all the expertise and experience needed to truly create the custom design that any Greek organization desires.

Whether an organization wants Greek attire for themselves or promotional materials like wristbands for attracting new members, stuff4GREEKS can make it. This online retail Greek store offers such an abundance of products and services for Greek organizations that only by checking them out for yourself can you truly grasp it. 

2 For The Show

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 9/5/2012 to Spotlight Story Archives

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