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eBook Download - You've Graduated. Now What?: 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in The New Economy
eBook Download - You've Graduated. Now What?: 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in The New Economy

eBook Download - You've Graduated. Now What?: 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in The New Economy

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Reviews from Amazon:

5 out of 5 starsCan Help You Get an Edge
"I graduated a few years ago and I doubt I need to tell you, the job market is tough whether you have a degree or not. So the fact is, anything that can give you a small edge on your competition can go a long way. Which is why I decided to give this book a chance.

When I first started reading this, I planned on skimming through it to look for key points and tips. But before I knew it, a couple hours passed and I finished the entire thing in one sitting.

It's a little short, but who cares. I understand what the author was doing and she pulled it off well. The author focused on quality content not useless fluff.

Great book for those looking for an extra edge. "
-Kevin Miles

5 out of 5 stars The perfect graduation gift!
"I have found my new go to gift for college graduates! You've Graduated. Now What? has practical, timely advice for young adults. Not only is this a great read for new graduates, but for those trying to re-enter the work force. I wish I had read this when I was interviewing. The tone of the book is honest and straight-forward; it feels like you are getting solid advice from a wise best friend."

5 out of 5 starsVery Well Written and Concise
"This well written book is definitely a must have not only for recent graduates but for anyone seeking employment. It provides so much information without it being overwhelming. The authors provided some of their personal experiences as well. Although I plan to give a copy of this book to a cousin who is currently attending college, I found that in this economy, with unexpected layoffs, even after being in what one may consider a stable job, that this book is extremely useful."

5 out of 5 starsGreat Concise Advice!
"This is a brief guide with great pointers for a modern job market. It seems to be written from the perspectives of co-authors with different experiences in their attempts to enter the workforce. It is a read that is brief enough to not overwhelm new graduates or anyone changing careers. Enjoy! "
-A.K. Cromwell

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You've Graduated. Now What?: 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in The New Economy
84 pages
Published June, 2012

The founders of stuff4GREEKS wrote this guide book to help graduates navigate the rough waters of hunting for a job in the recovering economy. Companies are now more demanding and more particular than ever when choosing employees because they do not have extra dollars to waste on a bad hiring decision. As a result, the hiring process is tougher and the overall job market is much more competitive than in past years. At the time of this writing, 7.2% of college grads are either unemployed or under-employed.

"You've Graduated. Now What?" is a straight-up, not watered-down guide that was written by young entrepreneurs who went from sitting on one side of the interviewer's desk to sitting in the hiring manager's seat in just a short span of years. The authors share real-world experiences and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it really takes to stand out from the crowd and land a good job.

In this book, you will take a raw, unfiltered look inside the mind of the hiring manager and learn:
  • The secrets to getting your résumé noticed (not deleted!)
  • How to leverage your resources to increase your chances of getting hired
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when dressing for an interview
  • Four things you should never say in an interview
  • One thing you must do to guarantee you leave a good impression
  • Creative ways to improve your work ethic and make sure you get hired quickly
  • And much, much more

About the Authors: E. K. Allen and Monica Allen are the co-founders of APGG, a multi-brand creative services firm in Atlanta, Georgia. The APGG brands include, a leading Internet retailer of custom fraternity and sorority apparel; Zeus’ Closet custom clothing stores; Monica Allen Interiors, and E. K. Allen Creative, a corporate image design studio with notable clients such as McDonalds and Tyler Perry.

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