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2011-2012 Jacket of the Year

The 2011 Jacket of the Year Contest

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  Everyone loves their line jacket, but let's face it, some Greek crossing jackets are considered more like pieces of art than just jackets. The best custom fraternity and sorority jackets in the world were made right here, and now you have a chance to vote for the number one jacket.

Why were these jackets chosen for the contest?
Out of the many beautiful jackets that we create at stuff4GREEKS, we could only select a few to be nominated for the prestigious Jacket of the Year Award. These jackets were chosen for some or all of the following reasons:

  • The design concept was original or first of its kind.
  • Creating the artwork required us to do highly advanced digitizing.
  • Each one was featured as a Spotlight Story at some point during the year.

How do I vote?

Just click the Like button that corresponds with the person you want to vote for. You can vote for more than one person if you want. However, voting for this contest ended on Feb 13, 2012 at 11:59pm EST so at this point your "Like" would not officially count toward the competition.

Congratulations to the winners:
1st - Eddie (295 votes)
2nd - Jessica (260 votes)
3rd - Diamin (124 votes)

As of 11:59pm EST on 2/13/2012.

What do the winners receive?
1st Place: $75 S4G Cash to use for yourself or give away to others... and an embroidered framed replica of the back of your jacket with an engraved plaque on it that says "2011 Jacket of the Year" ... and of course, bragging rights for a lifetime.

2nd Place: $50 S4G Cash to use for yourself or give away to others.

3rd Place: $25 S4G Cash to use for yourself or give away to others.

Note: These jackets were not selected based on organization. Not all organizations are represented, and some organizations happen to have more than one candidate. This in no way represents any biases from our company. The criteria is creativity and originality. We ask that you please cast your votes based on the artistry of the jackets, not just because the person is in your organization.


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