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How Nicole Created a "Buzz"

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 3/1/2011 to Spotlight Story Archives
By Stuff for Greeks

Nicole Washington's Alabama State University Custom Embroidered Jacket
Nicole's Line Jacket Description  

The Dream

One day, Nicole was pondering what she would wear to the Turkey Day Classic (a homecoming game at her alma mater, Alabama State University). She came up with an idea for a jacket to honor her family and the school from which she is a proud graduate.

Nicole told us:  “I discovered that from my mom and dad's side of the family combined, 33 members of my family attended Alabama State University and that 26 of us graduated dating back to 1955 with my maternal grandmother. I wanted to design something that I've never seen that honors my family. I thought about having 3 hornets that represented my mom, dad, and myself leaving a hornet's nest to form a larger super hornet that represented the rest of the members of my family. I decided to call it ASU Legacy."

The Design

Nicole ordered a black and white two-tone crossing jacket with black and old gold lettering to represent the school's colors. Our digitizing team worked hard to draw the nest, the hornets, and to somehow have the 3 hornets combine to form a big "super" hornet. The whole concept reminded us of Transformers and Voltron, which is cool because we love that type of stuff around here.

Beside each hornet, Nicole wanted a name and year to represent each graduate. She also included a design representing Bibb Graves and another icon to represent her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta.

We asked Nicole why she chose stuff4GREEKS and she told us:

"I knew the jacket would be awesome because I have two ASU sweaters that Stuff4Greeks designed for me previously and I was more than pleased with the work! They are so accommodating and friendly. It's such a pleasure to work with the staff!"

  ASU Hornet Line Jacket
Custom ASU Line Jacket Design  

The Delivery

Nicole's jacket is one of a kind. It is extra special because it represents so much more than just her... It is truly a piece of art that represents a family legacy.

From what we hear, Nicole's jacket generated quite a "buzz" when she wore it on campus.

We at stuff4GREEKS are happy that we could create an item that represents the essence of a family coming together as one to represent a generation of timeless tradition. We hope that this jacket will be passed down to future ASU alumni in Nicole's family for years to come.

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Don't Bring the Zeta Out In Me...

Nicole is also a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Later in the year, She ordered a custom vintage cardigan from another vendor and had it sent to our store to get it customized. She wanted a design on the back that showed both sides of her personality - the hard-working business woman, and the passionate Zeta woman. Check out Nicole's cardigan and watch a video here.

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