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Spotlight Story - "Alpha Avengers" Jackets

Posted by stuff4GREEKS on 1/15/2019 to Current Spotlight Stories


The Dream

For Nicholas Grant, creating a jacket design that would sum up the ship name for his line - “The 7 A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S” - was an adventure.  Nick and his line brothers knew they wanted to shop with stuff4GREEKS after seeing the work done on their Prophytes’ jackets;  however, they weren’t sure how to bring their ideas together. With the help of our designers and customer service staff, Nick and his crew were able to close out a year project and get the jackets they’d dreamed about. 

The Design

Nick and his LBs went through several different concepts before approving their jackets. Everyone had a super hero line name and wanted artwork that would showcase their individual characters, as well as the line as a whole. Their chapter is located at Georgia Tech, so they also wanted the Atlanta skyline to be incorporated. After some heavy brainstorming, they decided to use the individual symbols of their Super hero aliases, and an “iced-out” Avengers symbol that would unite the group. When the overall image finally came together, Nick and his brothers were thrilled. The line brothers were ready to assemble. 

The Delivery

When the jackets were completed, Nick and his LBs were ecstatic. 

"People LOVED our Jacket!", he told us. "Our prohpytes said they were best jackets in chapter history."

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