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Spotlight Story - Alpha Phi Omega "Sixth Sense"

Posted by Johnnie Moultrie on 10/1/2014 to Spotlight Story Archives
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The Dream

Johnnie had a unique vision for his Alpha Phi Omega line jackets, so he hired S4G to bring them to life. He submitted one of the most complex images we've ever digitized, a translucent head floating through space, with waves, lines, orbs, and numbers emitting from it. We loved the concept and asked Johnnie how he came up with the idea. He said "As a Spring 2014 Initiate into the Kaptivating Kappa Psi Chapter (North Carolina A&T State University) of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Inc., our Member and Assistant Intake Chair worked countless hours to develop a unique and innovative ship name for our line as a unit. After countless days and hours, the final product developed into “The SIXTH Sense of DestrucK(Psi)on.” Realistically, the five original senses are sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. With that being said, creative ways to incorporate all six members were to add another sense."

The Design

Johnnie continues, "If you notice on the back of the jacket, the blue head is the main focus. This picture ultimately describes all five senses with extra extensions to it. The extra designs coming from the brain and the exaggerated lines all stemming from the head make everything pop and a 3-Demensial effect to it. This is all going back and describing the original ship name, The SIXTH Sense of DestrucK?on. Talking with older members of the organization, they thought it was a great idea to illustrate something out the norm and something that was eye catching to all audiences. There came this design that started off very complicated but was simplified."

We asked Johnnie why he chose stuff4GREEKS to make his line jacket. He replied, "stuff4GREEKS was recommended to me by a member of my organization. It was brought to my attention that this company was the ONLY company out here today that understands the process and concept of Greek line jackets. You were also the only company able to capture the vision of how I wanted it to accurately look since it was such a complex image. stuff4GREEKS did an excellent job at executing every little bit of detail from the image to the jacket. Every greek item/apparel I get and will recommend will definitely come from stuff4GREEKS."


The Delivery

Before we even shipped it out, we knew that Johnnie's jacket would garner tons of attention whenever he wears it, but we just had to ask him about some of the reactions that he gets. He says "Every person greek or non-greek has given nothing but compliments on my jacket. I have not received a negative comment since I took the jacket out the box. My jacket has been recognized around campus so much that another greek organization was interested in getting there jacket done by the same exact company. They’re exact words were that they wanted it to look just as good as mine because of the amazing quality and effort put into the jacket. When my family saw the final product, they were in shock and disbelief because they never thought such complex design would be able to transform in a line jacket design. Overall my continued comments towards my jacket are always positive and I will always recommend stuff4GREEKS."

A few of Johnnie's line brothers have since ordered their jackets with the same design on the back. We thank Johnnie for his creativity and professionalism, and we look forward to working with him more in the future.

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