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Spotlight Story - Kappa Kappa Psi TIMEKKEEPER

Posted by Stuff for Greeks on 11/18/2013 to Spotlight Story Archives

Often, people come to us wanting direction.  They need assistance with ideas for their custom Greek clothing.  At times, they need help determining how to design the jacket for an entire line,  others want to come up with the perfect custom artwork that suits their individual line name.  Other people have it all mapped out before they even place an order with us.  Our dear friend Philippa fits the last category - she knew exactly what she wanted so she came equipped with directions and an image for our artists to work with. 

The Design
girl with rabbitWhen we asked, Philippa told us, "For my jacket, I wanted the theme of it to focus around my line name, TimeKKeeper. I realized the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, would be able to embody the symbolism of my line name. The rabbit is always punctual and concerned with being on time to things. He is always running around and trying to keep track of everything that he has to do." 

We asked Philippa about her latest piece of Greek clothing.  She told us, "This resembles me and my life perfectly considering that I am very involved in my university and I am always about being on time. The metronomes at the bottom of my jacket were chosen because they represent keeping time in music, which ties into my Fraternity as it is the National Honorary Band Fraternity." 

metronomeShe continues, "The metronomes embody  keeping in time with music and keeping in time with life in general which both my line name and my personality can relate to."  We at S4G can definitely relate.  We've implemented new systems to ensure that our Greek gear is designed and produced quicker than ever.  We've made improvements in our customer service and design department so that all customers are served quickly and efficiently.

Apparently it is making a difference because Philippa told us that "
When it comes to anything Greek, I always choose Stuff4Greeks. The quality of each item that I personally have myself, and the items that I have seen other members from other orgs own, has always been spectacular. The customer service is the best that I have ever received and I love how personable the people are. I love that everyone's personal touch can go be implemented in their para." 

The Delivery
timekeeper quoteOf course, this is our favorite part, when asked about feedback from her Greek jacket she told us, "Since I got my jacket, I've gotten nothing but love from everyone. Everybody ask where I got it from and I tell them instantly I got it from S4G. My band loves it, my chapter loves it, and most importantly, I love it. Thanks so much S4G!"   We've showcased some of our other Greek gear that we made for other band organizations on this YouTube video.  Subscribe to our page and stay tuned for new videos coming soon.  Order your jacket today and have it just in time for next semester's big events.

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