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Spotlight Story - OES Genesis Jacket

Posted by S4G on 12/1/2014 to Spotlight Story Archives
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The Dream

At S4G, we make way more than just Greek stuff... we also make Masonic gear, including gear for Eastern Stars. Michelle wanted a one-of-a-kind OES jacket so she came to S4G.

The Design

Michelle sent us an image of this beatuful painting that she wanted on the back of her jacket. We asked her how did she come up with the idea. She said, "My husband calls me "Rib" and the first time he called me that, I asked him," Ummm, are you hungry?" To which he replied ," No, you are my Rib, you came from my side, like in The Bible", and since then everyone has called me Rib. I came up with the design because my husband is a Mason, and I am an Eastern Star, and even though in The Bible it says Eve was made from Adams rib, The Eastern Stars were made from the Masons, we are connected. So the picture of the Sistar being made by the hands of God just worked on both a marital and Masonic level for me."

We took Michelle's image and digitized it into the computer by hand so that our embroidery machines knew exactly how to place each stitch.

Michelle says, "I chose S4G because their work looked like quality work. I sent back my design about 6 times and each time they made any adjustment I wanted, no matter how big or small. They really worked with me and took time to explain to me why and how things worked."


The Delivery

Michelle tells us, "Everyone LOVES my jacket! They love the detail, the quality and the meaning."

What can we create for you? Whether you're Greek, Masonic, or even if you aren't in a fraternal organization at all, we can make the paraphernalia of your dreams. Shop now at

Watch the video below to see more about this jacket:

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